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Why SAP Services?

Why SAP Services?

SAP Engineered Service



The SAP Engineered Service was developed so that you can ensure that your organization’s business runs as usual after 1st April 2015 with complete Malaysia GST compliance as well as benefiting from various cash relief and advantages.

sap malaysia gst engineered services
Benefits of SAP Engineered Services:
Customers can see a working solution straight away maximizing adoption of globally accepted practices

Shorter projects mean faster time to value

SAP Engineered Service reduce configuration and integration work.
Helps in mitigating the risks involved and reducing the complexity where they are not needed.
Scoping is done with ‘Agile’ approach focused towards must-have requirements which makes the exercise more efficient and quicker than a normal blueprinting process.
Predictable and transparent costs – Low, predetermined fees and clearly outlined deliverables mean no hidden fees for delivered solution
Implementation are accelerated by using readily available templates and tool