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Why SAP Services?

Why SAP Services?

Frequently Asked Questions



Benefits of SAP Engineered Services:
Is SAP Software compliance with Malaysia GST?
Yes, SAP Software is certified by the Royal Customs of Malaysia.
When will the Malaysia GST patch/note will be delivered?
To be advised once the Malaysian Government passes the bill in the parliament.
What is included in the Malaysia GST Patch?
To be advised once the Malaysian Government passes the bill in the parliament.
What are the key service offerings from SAP Consulting with regards to the new Malaysia GST requirements?
The key SAP Consulting services are :
  • SAP Assessment Service for Malaysia GST
  • SAP Implementation Service for GST Malaysia
  • SAP Malaysia GST Training Service
  • What does SAP Malaysia GST Predefined Services means?
    It is a productized service developed by and for SAP Consulting to support fast implementation of SAP ERP. Based on SAP Best Practices and delivered using the ASAP Focus implementation methodology, it allows for a delivery approach that leverage on offshore consulting (using SAP Global Delivery) to provide an optimal delivery model.
    We are afraid that there would be an overlap between Malaysia GST Assessment Service and our Tax advisory assignment which we plan to embark with our Tax Advisory Partners?
    No, our service will compliment the Tax advisory service as we will be evaluating the processes from the technology point of view.
    Should I complete my Tax advisory activity before I start my SAP related activity?
    Due to the constrained of time ,you should jump start the evaluation service which could be executed independently. The outcome of both Tax Advisory service report (Business Blueprint) and SAP GST Assessment Report as a catalyst to your Malaysia GST Implementation Activity
    How confident are you in ensuring that we are GST compliant before the due date?
    Our engineered service will help you to speed up the implementation with the support of tools, readily available content and accelerators ensuring risk is mitigated keeping your overall TCI and TCO in check.